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MyZim Dialogue

My Zim Dialogue is a creative multi-media platform where all Zimbabweans can form a community, exchange information and dialogue to increase citizen’s voice and participation – the necessary ingredients for the country’s peace and development


My Zim Dialogue is a joint initiative between the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, UNDP and the Community of Practice, an umbrella body of peacebuilding policymakers and practitioners, in their best efforts to support Zimbabwe’s journey towards peace and development.  It is a platform that allows Zimbabweans from diverse backgrounds to exchange and share valuable opinions and ideas on national issues, which form the basis for more resilient and cohesive community and lasting peace in the country.  

The Community of Practice and its partners are seeking to enable sharing of experiences as well as  development of  knowledge on Peace building and Conflict Management issues in the country through the platform. In order to support on-going dialogue processes and to document existing initiatives, it is important for Zimbabweans to have a platform where they can present their work on peacebuilding and exchange ideas on national issues related to peace and social cohesion with dignity and respect. This platform provides such an opportunity for constructive exchange and dialogue while encouraging knowledge and information sharing through innovative media content.


To encourage Zimbabwean nationals  to engage in an open dialogue to discuss any issue with the aim of promoting peace and social cohesion

Promote national Ethos through harnessing the beauty, heritage, ideas and diversity of our culture in order to build a better Zimbabwe

Exploit new avenues of dialogues between Zimbabwe and the International community such as international cultural diplomacy

We welcome you to join My Zim Dialogue by contributing ideas, knowledge and material in the form of written articles; stories on video and audio files as well as by sending us your comments and perspectives on the stories published here. 

Let’s talk! 

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