​Our vision is a world in which Culture and the Arts, imbued with Africaness, thrive and are sustainable; contributing to wealth creation for African communities. Our purpose is to connect African communities with financial and technical resources; to lead African Thought research and discourse and to harness the power of the creative arts to help positively change the lives of ordinary people.


A dynamic, diversified and sustainable culture sector imbued with African values and identity which contributes towards wealth creation. 


To contribute to the growth of the culture sector in Africa by providing finance and technical support to targeted communities, cultural practitioners and institutions. 


Guided by a deep sense of Africaness, the Culture Fund promotes bold & creative behaviour whilst appreciating the importance of achieving a balance through acting as a non-partisan player in the areas it operates. The Culture Sector believes that all its business practices should be tested for integrity and legality so that operations should be efficient and quality never compromised. It is committed to being held accountable for adding public value and being open to scrutiny for transparency before its stakeholders.