Culture Fund Showcase

Culture Fund connects African communities with resources and thus harnesses the power of the creative sector in order to positively change the lives of ordinary people. Our network is rich in diverse talents seeking partnerships and assistance for their creative endeavours. Here we showcase some of  their exciting innovations  that we receive through our various platforms. We hope that this can be an interesting partnership opportunity for you to make their dreams a reality. Some of them, in their own words......

Shellah Black EP Release

Heeeey Culture Fund, I'm Shelton Shellah Black from Harare and I'm an Afropop singer and songwriter. I'm currently working on an EP to be released soon before mid year, I really want your hand to put my work in the spotlight and recognized. Here is some of my work. I hope u wll enjoy. Thank u

Radio Drama Show Sponsorship

Hi Culture Fund. Do you fund or support projects like radio drama shows that deal with women empowerment and human trafficking issues? We have a particular project we want to work on and we are looking for assistance from organisations such as yours. Attached is a document for your assessment for possible help. The project is meant to mostly EDUCATE people about GIRL - WOMEN RIGHTS and the dangers of HUMAN TRAFFICKING in all forms and the possible solutions. Hoping to hear from you soon. Yours in Empowering the Girl-Child and promoting the Woman  – GiVe

Jungle Hut Studio - Pilot Show Sponsorship

Good day, we are a team of Zimbabwean animators (Jungle Hut Studio) some of our work is on YouTube, currently we are working on an animated feature film but are struggling to get any funding, (We) only got introduced to you recently, don't know if you can assist us or give us any (sic) pointers.

Campbell Theatre - non profit

Good afternoon. I am a member of the Campbell Theatre non profit organization in Kadoma. Even though we have a 7 decade long history of bringing theatre and drama to the community, we are struggling under the current (economic) pressure and issues facing most artistic institutions. We were hoping you'd be able to assist us with a few of the projects we would like to undertake this year.