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CreativeACTIONs 2 (2023–2025) is a continuation of CreativeACTIONs 1 (2020–2021). A trajectory is set to support capacity development, talent and creative sector innovations. These are some of the set modalities of empowering the creative sector ecosystem and foster shock-rebuilding post COVID 19. CreativeACTIONs 2 aims to (1) To strengthen individual practitioners and creative civil society organisations’ capacities in inter alia, digital skills, production, marketing, networking and arts education; (2) To support innovative artistic and cultural creations from artists and cultural practitioners, creative civil society organizations and private operators in the cultural and creative industries; (3) To empower the Creative sector to participate in policy dialogue and advocacy in order to contribute to an enabling operating environment for the Cultural and Creative Industries strengthen capacities for creative civil society organizations and arts and culture practitioners in Zimbabwe. 

Key considerations will favour participation of women, youth and people living with disabilities.

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Call closes on 22 MAY 2024:

11:59hrs, Harare-Zimbabwe Time
Released | 05 APRIL 2024: 10:05hrs


The 2024 CreativeACTIONS2 Call for Proposals is now open for Grants between USD 11 000-60 000. This is the 2nd Call under the Lot 1 (Larger Grants). The call is hereby opened for a period of 47 days. Lot 2 (Smaller Grants) for amounts between USD 1000- 10 000 is always open. Through the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe has committed EUR 2,060,500 over 36 months to the CreativeACTIONs 2. The project was launched in February 2023 and focuses on nurturing and empowering Zimbabwean artists and cultural practitioners across a spectrum of disciplines, encompassing music, dance, theatre, literary arts, fashion and many more.

Since 2023, the CreativeACTION2 has supported 55 projects including festivals, awards, shows, capacity building initiatives, disability inclusion, music, theatre, documentation of cultural practices amongst others. These projects are being implemented in various parts of the country. See below for the list of projects supported in the past.


Individual creatives and creative organisations. women, persons with disabilities and youth are strongly encouraged to apply.

Geographical Coverage: The projects are to be implemented anywhere in Zimbabwe. Creatives from all 10 provinces in Zimbabwe are encouraged to apply.


All application documents will be submitted through email on:

Guidelines and Application Forms

When applying, first read the CreativeACTIONs 2 - Grant Making

Guidelines. Below are the guidelines and application forms for CreativeACTIONS2. Click to download.

Press Release

Harare, 31 December 2023

Empowering Zimbabwean Creativity: Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and European Union Extend CreativeACTIONs2 Support to 8 new Groundbreaking Projects

The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and the EU Delegation to Zimbabwe proudly announce the expansion of their ongoing CreativeACTIONs2 project, providing a combined total of USD $70,624.00 in support to an additional eight innovative and transformative projects across Zimbabwe. This remarkable milestone highlights the EU's unwavering dedication to fostering artistic expression, strengthening civil society, championing gender equality, and nurturing the talents of Zimbabwean artists and cultural practitioners.

Building upon the success of the initial phase, where 47 projects received a collective USD 797,852.00 in funding during June and August 2023, this latest round of support reaffirms our commitment to advancing artistic and cultural expressions, fostering civil society, championing gender equality and women's empowerment, and facilitating essential training and skills development programs for arts and culture practitioners. The diverse range of projects, currently in various stages of implementation, showcases the program's dedication to driving positive change and fostering a vibrant cultural landscape across the nation.

The EU is committed to promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and recognizes the profound impact of art and culture in transcending boundaries, fostering mutual understanding, and promoting inclusive societies. By supporting these innovative projects, the EU is not only investing in Zimbabwe's cultural heritage but also empowering individuals and communities to express their unique identities and contribute to the nation's socio-economic progress.

CreativeACTIONs2 has already yielded inspiring success stories, with previous beneficiaries showcasing the transformative power of arts and culture. One project, a community-based theatre initiative, has empowered young people to address social issues and advocate for gender equality. Another project, a digital storytelling platform, has provided a voice to marginalized communities, highlighting their experiences and enhancing their visibility.

In anticipation of the upcoming funding cycle in 2024, the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and the EU Delegation invite aspiring artists, cultural organizations, and individuals to unleash their creative potential and apply for funding through the CreativeACTIONs2 program. Interested applicants can access and download application forms directly from the official Culture Fund website. This unique opportunity to contribute to Zimbabwe's cultural landscape and make a lasting impact on the nation's creative fabric is now within reach.

To explore the inspiring outcomes of previously supported CreativeACTIONs2 projects, click here.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Website: / Twitter: @culturefundzim.


Phone: +263 242794617 / +263 242794211

CreativeACTIONs2 Awarded Grants | 3rd Cycle 2023

Mazikhelela Craft Project

A women’s association composed of 10 members. It specializes in handmade products specifically - crafts and fine art material. Mazikhelela Craft has sustained their weaving skills for more than 20 years, passing it from one generation to the next. Based in Matabeleland South, an all women group will capacitate other women and youths by training them in product development. The initiative intends to increase the quantity and quality of African products in an endeavor to alleviate poverty, increased earnings potential. A livelihoods initiative meant to drive the local economy through craft work.

GRANT: US$6,500.00

Skill A Community 'Digital Haven Project'

Digital Haven Project is designed to educate content creators on digital security, skills horning in content creation coupled with an awareness on digital use threats and opportunities. Participants will be sensitized on Zimbabwe’s Data Protection Bill. The training on digital security training targets female creatives in Matabeleland Region – Plumtree and Gwanda. Approach will incorporate both theoretical and practical sessions to aid safe use of digital platforms, protection of digital content and risk assessment. The Digital Haven will provide the emerging content creators with rightful tools and recommendations for safety in the digital spaces.

GRANT: US$7,580.00

Beitbridge Film Expo

A local media house will host a ground breaking and first ever film expo in Beitbridge. It challenges normative methods of content distribution in big cities by decentralizing and providing localized platforms which facilitates the scouting of raw talent and identify new generation of film personnel in small cities. The expo will share relevant skills with creatives, showcase films through screenings. Experts in film will be invited to share skills, their experiences and knowledge with the participants. Various themes in film will be explored.

GRANT: US$8,778.00

Promoting disability inclusion in cultural preservation through film making project

A short film will be produced by people with disabilities undertaking all main roles and activities. Prior to pre-production, auditions will be held. The identification of talent aims to select deserving candidates and motivate people with disabilities to be able to expand their opportunities in the creative sector by joining and making films which speak into their predicaments and surrounding environments. The film will spread socially inclusive visual messaging. This intervention will encourage persons with disabilities to make a living through creating films, which builds a balanced society.

GRANT: US$9,102.00

Creating and Increasing Showcase Platforms for Young People in Urban and Rural Areas of Manicaland Province

Collective engagement of Creatives, National Association of Primary Heads (NAPH), National Association of Secondary Heads and National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ). The establishment is set to produce a handbook which will govern procedures of Arts Education initiatives by both artists and school learners in support of The Education 5.0. The bridge initiative strengthens coherence and synergies building on relevant artistic approaches to learning by accommodating non-academic mentors of art. The handbook will be piloted within the 7 districts of Manicaland in support of inclusive talent identification and creative showcasing.

GRANT: US$9,966.00

Canvas of my Identity

Canvas of my Identity complements Zimbabwe’s transitional justice architecture through the creation of 20 artistic mixed media paintings that stimulate intergenerational dialogue on national healing, peace building and social cohesion. The intervention engages with 10 visual artists aged between 18-35 from the southern region of Zimbabwe to illuminate skills of transferring dialogue into futuristic conversations. Artists because of their agile privileged balance they are able to converge issues which may be difficult to convey through other means and visual aesthetics. Nation building and fighting a5n inheritance of legacies of conflict, is the centre.

GRANT: US$9,998.00


Mbare Festival returns in 2024. It carries the evocative memories of COVID-19 and associated lost opportunities it caused. The festival aims to re-sharpen the youths from the Mbare community, a hybrid centre of talent, the bold and expressive creatives. ME!FEST is dedicated towards attempting to redefine new narratives in the arts and culture sector, utilizing spaces of proximity such as Mai Musodzi Hall. The platform will create a level playing ground which enhances the exchange of skill and facilitate healthy and drug free conversations to proceed. Children and young people will be recognised, valued and understood in an environment which promote diversity and power dialogue.

GRANT: US$10,000.00


Project Summaries and Grants Awarded

Press Release

Harare, 17 August 2023

Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and EU Delegation extend support to 5 new projects in Zimbabwe under CreativeACTIONs2 project

The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and the EU Delegation to Zimbabwe are proud to announce the award of a combined total of USD $49,264.00 to an additional 5 projects in Zimbabwe, as part of the ongoing CreativeACTIONs2 project. This announcement comes at a time when 42 other projects, awarded USD 748,588.00 in June 2023, are in the early stages of implementing their activities.

The recent allocation of funds has been particularly directed to addressing the needs of vulnerable communities. Individuals from the People with Disabilities (PWD) communities, marginalised and emerging creatives, and women from rural communities have been prioritised, based on demonstrated capacities to improve livelihoods.

Through the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, the EU has committed EUR 2,060,500 over 36 months to the CreativeACTIONs2 project. The project was launched in January 2023 with a focus on nurturing and empowering Zimbabwean artists and cultural practitioners across a spectrum of disciplines, encompassing music, dance, theatre, literary arts, and fashion.

CreativeACTIONs2 aims at complimenting national development priorities by funding innovative artistic and cultural expressions, empowering civil society, promoting gender equality and women's empowerment, and providing training and skills development programs for arts and culture practitioners.

As part of this ongoing endeavor, the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust and the EU Delegation have earmarked the next cycle of small grants funding, expected to take place between October and November 2023. Interested applicants are invited to access and download application forms directly from the Culture Fund. Previously supported CreativeACTIONs2 projects can be accessed below.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Website: / Twitter: @culturefundzim.


Phone: +263 242794617 / +263 242794211

CreativeACTIONs2 Awarded Grants | 2nd Cycle 2023

Intercultural Dialogues: Bringing Popular Folklores to Life in Zimbabwean Sign Language

Zimbabwe Deaf Media Trust (ZDMT) focuses on Sign language teaching, deaf culture promotion, video production and content generation for broader Sign language dissemination aiming to distribute widely on television and online channels in social inclusion recognition of the Persons with Disabilities (PwD). In promoting the recently launched Sign Language Syllabus, ZDMT plans to conduct intercultural dialogues translated from popular folktales into Sign Language and compile an anthology of Sign Language poems before staging its Deaf Poetry Slam.

GRANT: US$10,000.00

Supporting young female cinematographers and editors in the Zimbabwe film sector

Project from a young female cinematographer building her career in film production and training. The project challenges gender inequalities and socially created skills gap that limit opportunities for young female filmmakers from Zimbabwe’s small towns and communities. The project aims to create safe spaces for young female team building and training sessions focusing on gender sensitive approaches, cinematography, film editing, sound editing and colour correction.

GRANT: US$9,515.00

The Reading Time Series

A published novelist and writer of books currently selling on Amazon - Calah Crown, including children’s books. She intends to publish 10 illustrated children’s books and carry out reading sessions with the aim of promoting reading culture among underprivileged children. The books, focusing on themes such as abuse, peer pressure, chastity and child rights, will be used during reading sessions in selected schools.

GRANT: US$10,000.00

Enhancing Social Inclusion of Young People with Disability in Mutare District through Digital Audio-Visual Media

Persons with Disabilities (PwD) will be engaged to develop and put into practice, their creative, artistic and intellectual potential. Pikicha Afrika promotes diversified ideas, equity, inclusive realities. It aims to foster an environment where creatives within PwD flourish. 8 creatives based in Mutare will be trained in presenting, content creation, citizen journalism, networking and advocacy through digital audio-visual media technologies. 64 sharable short videos/podcasts will be produced.

GRANT: US$9,949.00

Basket Weaving Capacity Building

An established and membership-based organization for women in based in Lupane specializing in traditional folk- art and craft; aims to boost production of basketry for export to their markets in countries such as Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Spain, 3 states in the USA, United Kingdom. The project will increase the number of basket weavers, train them in new product designs, quality control and strengthen collaborative capacities.

GRANT: US$9,800.00


Project Summaries and Grants Awarded

Press Release 

Harare, 9 June 2023


Harare, 9th June 2023 - The European Union, in collaboration with the Culture Fund is pleased to announce the award of grants to 42 exceptional projects by Zimbabwean artists as part of the first round of the Creative Actions II project. These grants amount to a total funding of USD 748,588. H.E. the EU Ambassador Jobst von Kirchmann expressed his excitement about awarding these grants, stating, "As the European Union, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering Zimbabwean creativity. The projects will not only entertain but create jobs, raise awareness, promote tolerance and preserve Zimbabwean art and culture." “We are delighted to share that the project received a remarkable response during the first Grant cycle, with 248 highly competitive proposals submitted” added Mr Mpfunya Director of Culture Fund.

These 42 projects covering all ten provinces in Zimbabwe will promote culture as a goal in itself and as a powerful vector for social and economic development. Some of the activities to be implemented include the creation of a diverse range of artistic and cultural expressions by artists in Bulawayo, Harare, Masvingo, Bindura, Chinhoyi and other areas, encompassing filmmaking, music, theatre, crafts, fashion, sculpturing, comedy and dance. Some projects will support the holding of festivals, fairs, exhibitions and awards ceremonies in Harare, Bulawayo, Masvingo, Victoria Falls, Matobo, Murehwa and other areas. Projects will also empower creatives (especially women and youth) from Hwange, Binga, Tsholotsho, Lupane, Masvingo, Murehwa, Harare, Bulawayo and other areas on digital technologies, intellectual property rights, accessing new markets and professionalizing their work. Preservation and promotion of minority cultures of communities such as the San and Ndau as well as promoting accessibility to arts and cultural creations by people with disabilities will also be the focus of some of the awarded projects.

Whilst we celebrate that the awarded projects cover all provinces, the large share 42% is from 2 provinces only, Harare and Bulawayo. The projects will also support women, youth and people with disabilities however only 31% are led by women and 34% are led by youth. To address these imbalances, the EU and the Culture Fund strongly encourage creatives from provinces with fewer grant awards, as well as women, youth and People with disabilities, to apply for the ongoing Small Grants scheme. Furthermore, they are urged to look out for the upcoming 2nd Call for Applications for the Large Grants scheme, set to be announced before the end of the year.



The EU has committed EUR 2,060,500 over 36 months through the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust under the Creative Actions II project which began in January 2023. This substantial investment benefits artists and cultural practitioners from various disciplines, including music, dance, theatre, literary arts, and fashion.

The Creative Actions II project aligns fully with the Government of Zimbabwe's National Development Strategy 1 (NDS-1) and contributes to its implementation by funding innovative artistic and cultural expressions, empowering civil society, promoting gender equality and women's empowerment, and providing training and skills development programs for arts and culture practitioners.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Website: / Twitter: @culturefundzim.


Phone: +263 242794617 / +263 242794211

LOT 1 | Larger Grants | Project Summaries

Advancing Creative Capabilities, Entrepreneurship and Leadership


ACCEL ZW aims to strengthen capacities of young groups and creative practitioners from marginalized rural and urban communities. Its responsive programmes aim at reinvigorating the weakened incomes and audiences disrupted by COVID-19. ACCEL ZW will leverage on talent abundance, digital platforms expansion to render training sessions coercing accessibility to new markets, skills acquisition and increased incomes for young artists.

GRANT: USD41,984.00

Zimbabwe Fashion Week (ZFW) 2023

ZFW seeks to provide education and training opportunities to emerging young designers and foster mentorship and networking opportunities. It plans to partner with Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) – design department in quest for exposing the talented and creative young designers to fashion industry trends and technologies. Mentees will be certified during the Zimbabwe Fashion Week (2023) showcase.

GRANT: USD25,000.00

Vana Vanotamba Television Programme

The project aims to produce one season - 13-episode televised show with children and young people. These will be drawn from 3 provinces housing key institutions for children with disabilities. It will further scout, identify and build capacities of children with various forms of impairments. The initiative will expose them capitalising on their strengths in artistic expressions through rendering creative skills in preparation for career-path development, education before their capture on camera.

GRANT: USD30,000.00

Women At Crossroads: Next Chapter

The initiative seeks to host a film festival which promotes gender sensitivity and preferential tolerance around women’s matter. It aims to enhance production standards through workshops, networking and film(s) showcasing. The festival will foster engagement and dialogue with the audience by providing a safe space for films produced by women to be showcased thereby depicting Afrocentric tales and experiences of women by women.

GRANT: USD25,000.00

Intellectual Property Rights in The Cultural and Creative Industries

The project aims at strengthening the capacities of cultural and creative industry (CCIs) practitioners through improving the understanding of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). It will raise awareness on Intellectual Property Rights in the cultural and creative industries and work with the local creative enterprises to document their experiences in the fast- paced changing digital terrain.

GRANT: USD16,338.00

National Arts Merit Awards – (NAMA)

NAMA seeks to explore ways that provides opportunities of publicity and marketing of creatives locally and internationally. It will award talent as a modality of celebrating and recognising creative consciousness and excellence. The national event will be done to increase creative industry traction and growth. NAMA is a public engagement event that will promote interaction of artists, creative sector practitioners and policy makers. It expects to facilitate a better appreciation of Zimbabwe’s artistic showcase and diversity.will promote interaction of artists, creative sector practitioners and policy makers. It expects to facilitate a better appreciation of Zimbabwe’s artistic showcase and diversity.

GRANT: USD17,300.00

Phenomenal Festival of Lights

The project aims to hold an inaugural Zimbabwe’s first 3-day showcase platform for artists and service providers working with electricity and light to display creativity, imagination, visual designs and talents. It seeks to challenge and break gender related biases, barriers and stereotypes through the coordination of a female founder leading the processes in the male dominated area. The festival will feature various forms of artistic expression - theatre, dance, poetry, and music.

GRANT: USD24,650.00

The Shoko Pipeline

It seeks to host a 2023 edition of urban culture festival. The event will orient young local artists - song writers, performing artists, dancers, instrumentalists, and producers in physical and soft skills pertinent to creative expansion. The aim is on directing trainees to pursue sustainable and profitable career path in the creative space. The oriented trainees are expected to perform during Shoko pipeline’s Mash Up Night and tap into new networks from within Zimbabwe and the region in promoting youth popular culture.

GRANT: USD25,000.00

Celebrating Deaf Culture: A Theatrical Journey of Inclusion and Empowerment

The project aims to raise the awareness of deaf culture. It will drive its promotion, acceptance and tolerance starting with the local deaf community in Bulawayo. The promotion will be executed through theatre performances, workshops, community outreaches, networking and collaboration using sign language interpreters to inhibit work in-accessibility. The expectation is around enhancing opportunities and increased employment opportunities for those with hearing impairments.

GRANT: USD31,525.00

Amplifying Deaf Performances Through Trained Interpreters

The project seeks to train more interpreters to support the deaf group's theatre and drama performances. It aims to supporting interpreter training and rehearsal function to foster continuity in the amplification of deaf creative performances and promotion of accessibility in the arts. The expectations of the work go beyond recruitment, interpreting, training into testing and certification in redressing shortage of trained sign language interpreters.

GRANT: USD30,000.00

Literature Performance Based Workshops

Literature performance-based workshops aims to support the visual and performing arts syllabus by engaging schools in 3 Southern Region Provinces – Bulawayo, Mat-North and Mat-South. It will use theatre as a tool to integrate arts education into the main school’s curriculum through researching on African Languages to inform performance-based trainings. Capacity building will interact with teachers and learners to appreciate performing arts and their different roles in community followed by in-depth discussions.

GRANT: USD23,700.00

Bulawayo Arts Awards Elevation

Arts Awards seek to cross-pollinate skills and ideas in events architecture between those from other cities and Bulawayo. The event will hold skills exchanges with technicians and seasoned choreographers prior to event kickout. Beyond skills training, an awards ceremony - Bulawayo Arts Awards will be held in order to compliment efforts that are made nationally in recognition and honour of artistic excellence from the country’s southern region.

GRANT: USD25,000.00

Vic Falls Multi-Cultural Remote Arts Incubation Centre

The project aims to promote next generation of cultural and creative entrepreneurs in the stone/visual arts sub-sector. It will establish a multi-cultural remote arts incubation program to service three districts - Hwange, Binga and Lupane within the Matabeleland North considering its proximity to Victoria Falls, a tourist zone that presents vast market existence opportunities for the sector. The project expects to improve product quality, marketing, networking and increased incomes for the rural youth.

GRANT: USD14,285.00

San Community Organized Rebirth Events

San Community aims to resuscitate and bring recognition of the San/Tjwao community creative vibrance, languages and culture. The project will foster open space and platform initiatives for the Tjwao people to unleash potentials and cultural abilities, so they are equally recognized of their existence even though they are regarded minorities from Tsholotsho. The project will use various participatory initiatives such as traditional games, boot-camps, fashion shows in order to create self-discoveries.

GRANT: USD21,840.00

Binga Craft Centre (BCC) Revamp Programme

BCC seeks to render training in baskets product quality control to crafters in Binga. It will facilitate and support quality control workshops for 400 weavers from the surrounding wards whose basketry quality is still having compromised appeal. The project expects to increase supply of high-quality baskets which competes at world markets with a huge potential to empower female crafters to strengthen their household livelihoods incomes and fight feminisation of poverty.

GRANT: USD20,890.00

Transformative Capacity Building of Matabeleland North Creatives

An arts festival that aims to provide a creative and capacity building platform for practitioners from Mat-North’s six districts - Hwange, Binga, Tsholotsho, Lupane, Mguza and Nkayi. It will clear the buffering of COVID-19 recovery pathways by offering opportunities to young creatives and women in rebuilding the creative spaces and expression which are innovations and inclusive. The festival will bring marginalised cultural groups together for musical, fashion and theatrical showcasing.

GRANT: USD14,250.00

Art For Empowerment

Seeks to groom and showcase talents of youth from under-privileged communities. Art for Empowerment aims to address challenges confronting youth in rural and urban communities such as limited access to professional skills mentorship and high unemployment levels. It will establish supportive structures for youths to acquire new skills towards creative expression in performing arts focusing on dance techniques, voice projection, and stage presence. Critical issues around climate change and gender equality will be raised.

GRANT: USD13,500.00

Munwahuku Sculpture and Outreach Research Project

It seeks to awaken art consciousness in the rural Murehwa community by promoting youth and women’s participation in sculpture theory and practice as key art disciplines. The outreach research initiative will be supported by an established studio and workshop school where mentorship and research-based programmes will be carried out. The expectations include enhancing local economy through producing competitive artistic works for empowering and elevating a local ecosystem of creatives.

GRANT: USD14,900.00

Elevate 1

Elevate 1 seeks to promote gifted and upcoming Murewa based artists. It will establish a music recording studio in preparing for engaging and exposing young creatives pursuing studio and video sessions. Identification, recruitment, training and equipping them with the necessary tools marks part of Elevate 1. The expectation is to close knowledge gaps on intellectual property while promoting commercialization of artistic content. 20 videos and 50 songs are expected to be created and aired during the course of project lifetime.

GRANT: USD22,325.00

Learners Mentorship & Training

Project seeks to identify, nurture and promote creative talent at grass-roots level through mentorship and skills transfer. It will work closely with learners from 14 secondary schools in 7 districts of Matabeleland South province. It expects to guide learners towards alternative career choices in the cultural and creative industries as significant trigger towards high levels creativity from young minds.

GRANT: USD19,791.00

Visual Expressions of Matobo Youth Voices

Seeks to empower young creatives in Matobo with knowledge and skills in research, artistic citizen reporting and advocacy. It will establish Matobo youths’ peace advocates network and conduct skills development trainings, conducting interactive art and dialogues sessions in close collaboration with Centre for Information and Technology (CITE). Project expects to use visual art to contribute to accountability, transparency and inspire youths’ participation in decision-making processes.

GRANT: USD29,015.00

Manicaland Attached Instruments and Dance Exploration

It aims to document seven cultural dances, instrumentation and sounds from Manicaland. It seeks to bridge the knowledge gap between researchers and the custodians of culture as visual communication and information will be collated, into one consumable format easily accessible. It expects to produce an archive of digitised content that will benefit educators, learners and other samples and loops for music and film producers.

GRANT: USD33,000.00

Arts And Culture in Action

Project aims to discover and expose hidden talent found in more than four Mashonaland Central districts – Muzarabani, Mt Darwin, Shamva, Rushinga and Mbire. It seeks to give a chance for sustainable and professional development of young artists through talent search, show contests and training workshops. A festival will be held with the expectation of discovering and exposing new talent, improving competences in digital skills and marketing them as efforts to curb other social scares such as drug abuse.

GRANT: USD25,000.00

Spotlighting And Formalization of Rural Creatives Towards a Sustainable Arts Industry in Shamva

An incubation space for rural talent identification, nurturing and mentorship of young artists in Shamva. It seeks to spotlight the underrepresented rural artists through, hands on training, mentorship, formalizing their operating spaces. It will expose and enhance capacities of more than 200 artists and practitioners in digital marketing skills, production, networking and improving creative products quality. It expects to increase formal recognition and improvement of livelihoods for rural artists.

GRANT: USD33,038.00

Rethinking Arts in Pandemics (Drug and Substance Abuse)

Aims to further strengthen the capacity of 50 Masvingo based artists in digital skills, production, marketing and networking. It will hold Masvingo Youth Arts (MAYA) Festival which is a platform for artists to showcase their work and expand on networks to influence collaborative opportunities with other established creatives. It expects to increase capacities, create safe spaces for artists and more platforms for artistic expressions.

GRANT: USD41,000.00

LOT 2 | Smaller Grants | Project Summaries

Matamba Immersive New Media Content Development and Showcase

A newly established digital based institute, which focuses on training and empowering a new generation of women storytellers. It borrows from the Afrocentric orature in the illumination of African perspectives through incubation and co-creation of content with other Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR) experts. It seeks to engage young women creative technologists in building a community revolving around immersive

technology with cynosure of distributing online and influencing the gaming culture.

GRANT: USD9,570.00

Participate In the MYSTERY 45_Atelier Elefsina

A mid-career professional selected to travel to South East Europe for arts management and event coordination conference. He prepares his international travel to participate in the MYSTERY 45_Atelier Elefsina - Greece, the 21st edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers to be held from 21 - 28 June 2023. The mobility support aims to facilitate his participation. An intensive training support programme will culminate into shared back sessions with other emerging festival managers in Zimbabwe after his return.

GRANT: USD5,467.00

Constitution Culture Musical

Seeks to pilot capacitation of young artists in contributing towards Zimbabwe’s constitution. The aim is to awaken creatives of their role in constitutionalism that requires attention through promotion of public awareness, inclusion and promotion of culture. The project seeks to conduct awareness raising of sections 7 and 16 of the Zimbabwean constitution; competitions, music production and awards ceremony will make part of this activities. Young and emerging creatives are targeted.

GRANT: USD10,000.00

The Hudson Road Trip

A seasoned jazz musician will embark on a trip to look for the unrecognised and talented jazz artists residing in the rural parts - Lupane, Tsholotsho, Hwange, Gwanda, Ntabazinduna, Plumtree, Kezi, Nkayi, Matobo and Victoria Falls. With a mobile recording studio, the aim is to spend time jamming and creating jazz songs. The inter-generational skills transfer is expected to happen with only ten marginalised artists featuring in a ten-track album - The Hudson Road Trip; a Video Documentary and a Photo Essay.

GRANT: USD10,000.00

Kwantuthu Comedy Festival

An engaging, informative and entertaining comedy festival which will work towards creating new platforms for talent identification and showcasing. It will target young and upcoming artists in need of a space to explore their artistic capabilities. The festival is set to bring international attention to local comedians thus making it attractive. Support will be done through performances and content creation, in order to grow the stand-up comedy sector.

GRANT: USD5,415.00

Bulawayo Intellectual Property (IP) School Clubs

A school based Intellectual Property Rights club being run by learners. It seeks to establish clubs in schools to curb a creative scourge of Intellectual Property Rights violations as photocopying, plagiarism and production of counterfeits. The work includes introducing the project to the provincial education leadership; identification of schools from each district to join the clubs; selection of 30 participants expected to benefit from the planned initiative as well as conducting IP schools’ exhibition/competition.

GRANT: USD9,240.00

Bulawayo Art Fair – Outreach – Symposium

A growing institution will continue to build new audiences and prioritise professionalisation of contemporary art productions and curatorial practices. It seeks to expand on opportunities and exhibition spaces by supporting visual identities and signatures of young creatives. The project expects to provide alternative spaces that incubates fairs and expose bodies of art to find their way into secondary market dealers, artists, collectives, associations and audiences within and beyond Zimbabwe’s borders.

GRANT: USD10,000.00

Danica Studios

An upscaled musical production hub which started operating as a backyard studio in the Vic-Falls town and uplifted a number of artists from Matabeleland North. It seeks to establish a fully equiped recording studio by procuring appropriate equipment. It will help emerging talent development to provide a space easily accessible to local creatives. The studio expects to become a centre of musical influence to identify talent, record and promote the music value chain.

GRANT: USD9,941.00

The Marimba Songs Transcription and Distribution Initiative

The preservation and promotion of Zimbabwean traditional music through the transcription and distribution of marimba instrumentalised songs. It will transcribe, document and create an online database of transcribed marimba songs formatted for easy accessibility by learners, musicians, researchers etc. Trainings will to be organised in different regions of Zimbabwe to teach the transcription of traditional marimba songs processes hinting on distribution.

GRANT: USD7,000.00

@Mukoma Nthume Aka Mundau

The project seeks to build the capacity of an emerging and unpublished vernacular author. It aims to promote restoration of pride in the Ndau language by supporting written work get to printers. It will result in the publication of several materials that exist in the Ndau language. The expectation is to see more literary works being developed to celebrate Ndau language recognition as one of Zimbabwe’s sixteen official languages embedded in the Zimbabwean Constitution.

GRANT: USD3,000.00

Granite Sculpturing

A rural based visual artist working with simple-tools migrates from use of soft stones - soap stone, serpentine stone and other common materials to some hard granite raw stones due to their weakened strengths. He aims to improve on the quality of sculptures to increase high end product output. Project seeks to acquire power tools - angle grinders, drills and an air compressor as a modality of improving and value adding artifacts appearances, outlook and product durability that resists all weather conditions.

GRANT: USD6,829.00

Culture Meets ICT

40 artists from Makonde rural inclusive of those living with disabilities will be identified and trained to improve household incomes. They will be capacitated and equipped with networking, marketing, and digital skills to grow their creative enterprises. Project seeks to strengthen artists in business ethics, communication and technology use.

GRANT: USD7,655.00

One Man Exhibition Empowerment Proposal (OMEEP)

The applicant needs to acquire adequate resources for painting artworks. An art production retreat will be used to create enough paintings for a solo exhibition. The body of artworks produced during the retreat will be exhibited at established art galleries.

GRANT: USD6,873.00

Engaging Men and Boys in Promoting and Preserving Cultural Entrepreneurship

A three phased project aiming to – Introducing entrepreneurship, cultural preservation, and management skills, to youthful cultural practitioners. It seeks to assist the engagement in artistic production retreat as ways aiming to produce enough material to be showcased during a solo exhibition. The expectation is on creating employment and raising awareness of cultural diversity and inclusion.

GRANT: USD3,307.00

Grooming and educating young marginalised rural talents

An instrumentation establishment process which will set-up a rehearsals space to be accessed by young talents. It seeks to offer opportunities for budding musicians to learn musical instruments playing and conducting primary sound engineering orientation. It will be a benefit for the youths. Grooming and educating young marginalised rural talents and improving village life will be coupled with performance demonstrations by seasoned artists. Project expects to develop new talent and empower the rural creatives.

GRANT: USD10,000.00

Ziya And Community Development Plan

Ziya works towards promoting tolerance on socio-economic and cultural practices at community level. It seeks to engage in provocative diverse themes which identifies with communities’ conflicts. It seeks to further engage with all community stakeholders in creative work development and peace building. Ziya expects to conduct capacity building trainings community dialogues targeting 180 participants in Masvingo district. Video skits will be produced to touch on pertinent intolerance which violates communities’ peace.

GRANT: USD9,960.00

Roots Arts Academy

Decentralised approaches to skills enhancement. The project aims to introduce cutting edge horning processes limiting the growth of opportunities for rural based creatives. It seeks to capacitate aspiring and upcoming young creatives based in Mutoko. Roots Academy will engage aspiring actors, directors, scriptwriters, producers and arts managers and mould them in preparation for future opportunities. It expects to fully function as a self-sustaining institute that will export talent outside Zimbabwe.

GRANT: USD6,000.00

Project Summaries and Grants Awarded

Reflections of CreativeACTIONS 2020–2021

CreativeACTIONs 1 (2020-2021) sought to boost the momentum of creative movements, strengthen capacities for more sustainable creative ecosystems that can contribute to reaching Zimbabwe’s Sustainable Development Goals and targets. We promoted and showcased shared values of action partners. Creative movements supported to promote values such as respect for cultural diversity and gender equality, freedom of expression, access to information and Culture and fundamental human rights; contributed to social cohesion, helped reduce inequalities and  assist in improving viability of Zimbabwe's creative sector and its creative industries.  While substantial creative capacities exist in Zimbabwe - reflecting the transformative power of Culture and the Arts; their manifestations vary in strength and relevance within increasingly digitalized global cultures.  Creative sector innovations are powerful vectors for positive social values and behaviors. CreativeACTIONs 1 strengthened identified creative and innovative capacities within targeted groups; their diversity of expression, while boosting capacities to improve livelihoods, contributed to more cohesive communities. Here are some of those successes;

  • improved employability and economic opportunities. For example, it opened access to new and alternative markets for the creative sector in Harare such as the Maasrdorp, Sam Levy as well as international markets in Tanzania for graduates of the Forbes Mushipe mentorship project.

  • Craft projects (Chilelema in Binga & Hlengwe in Chiredzi) supported increased sales by more than 15% and enhanced income opportunities for 121 women creatives. This raised agency for women decision making within communities and incorporation of creative sector initiatives in local political economy landscape.

  • 20 murals painted under the Caligraph project, generated debates in public spaces and brought well-come colour to Mbare, Chitungwiza and Makokoba among others. 

  • Investments in 52 social infrastructures under projects like Mbare Art Space saw vital regeneration of a disused beer-garden and attraction of a creative community and precinct. Some of these spaces – like My Beautiful Homes – became beacons of wide community interactions; women led mural paintings of Ndebele rural homes restored heritage, energized identities and earned tangible assets for some 70 winners. Prizes such as chickens, water-storage tanks and farming implements gave women assets to better fend for families.

  • There were successes in improved institutional capacities - financial management, project cycle management, M&E as well as outcomes reporting. These processes improved professionalism and accountability capacities.

  • 40% of the 21 projects funded were female-led and 4 were dedicated almost exclusively to women focus and reach (Media Arts Zimbabwe, Kunzwana Women’s Association, Hear Ladies Speak &My Beautiful Homes). These women stamped a mark and have become agents of change, respected creatives and better skilled professionals – some in previously male-exclusive areas such as DJs and music production.

CF-CreativeATIONs- EU logos.png

Strengthening creativity and innovation

Expanding diversity of expression

Creating cohesive communities

Improving livelihoods

Second and Final Call Grant Offers

With support from the European Union, Culture Fund injects over USD214 000 through its CreativeACTIONs project to 13 bold, innovative and exciting Zimbabwe creative sector initiatives

Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust’s CreativeACTIONs project, with financial support from the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe, announces 13 new grants for Zimbabwe creative sector projects. CreativeACTIONs will support bold, innovative, exciting and COVID-19 sensitive projects selected under a public and highly competitive call for proposals. There was an overwhelming response from all over Zimbabwe. This will be the second time CreativeACTIONs has awarded grants to Zimbabwean creatives since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CreativeACTIONs is helping boost the momentum of creative movements in Zimbabwe and strengthening capacities for more sustainable creative ecosystems.



Project Name                                                                                                                      Region

Art Lab - Fusing Art and Technology to Benefit Artists                                              Northern

My Beautiful Home                                                                                                            Southern

Building Careers and Enhancing the Resilience of Urban Performance Artists      Northern/Southern

Intwasa Digital Arts Festival                                                                                              Southern

Zimbabwean Music Online                                                                                                Northern/Southern

Re-thinking Arts and Pandemics (RAP)                                                                         Southern          

Bambelela Arts on Radio                                                                                                    Southern

People-Centric                                                                                                                    Northern



Project Name                                                                                                                       Region                     

Our Handcrafts on the Catwalk                                                                                       Northern

Through the Eyes of Zimbabwe                                                                                         Northern

Visual Arts Mentorship Programme                                                                                 Southern

Centre for Contemporary Art Bulawayo    - (OFFER CANCELLED)                    Southern

Women and Youths in the Arts Economic Empowerment Initiative                          Northern


CreativeACTIONs Community

Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust’s CreativeACTIONs, funded by the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe, launched a Call for Proposals on the 11th of March 2020 to strengthen capacities for creative civil society organizations and arts and culture practitioners in Zimbabwe, targeting to support new and innovative projects from Zimbabwean artists, cultural practitioners and institutions, creative civil society organizations, private operators involved in creative industries, arts associations and professional networks as well as arts education institutions. 

Second Call for Proposals Announcement

Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust’s CreativeACTIONs, supported by the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe, launched its 2nd Call for Proposals on the 25th January 2021 to strengthen capacities for Zimbabwean artists, cultural practitioners and institutions, creative civil society organizations, private operators involved in creative industries, arts associations and professional networks as well as arts education institutions.  CreativeACTIONs aims to facilitate and strengthen the growth of Zimbabwe creative sector and their capacities to promote equitable access, inclusive participation and benefitting from artistic and cultural expressions by all citizens. It seeks to help improve social cohesion, gender equality and livelihoods. Projects implemented in the digital environment but impacting a diverse and wide range of publics will receive special consideration.

ONLY project proposals containing activities that fully comply with the COVID-19 guidelines and demonstrate adaptability to different stages of the lockdown measures by the government of Zimbabwe will be considered. 

Project proposals may be submitted along the following guidelines;  


  • LOT 1: Minimum of USD6, 000 and a maximum amount of USD50, 000

         (The indicative allocation for grants under this category is USD100, 000)

  • LOT 2: Minimum of USD500 and a maximum amount of USD5, 000

         (The indicative allocation for grants under this category is USD50, 000)


The deadline for submission of proposals 11 March 2021 at 5pm.   CALL CLOSED


For further information, please contact:   |

+263 242794617 / +263 242794211


Culture Fund and EU Zimbabwe Extended USD118 000

Worth of Grants to Zimbabwe’s Creative Sector

The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust (Culture Fund) in partnership with the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe continues to support the creative sector in Zimbabwe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. CreativeACTIONs will award grants to new and innovative projects from artists, cultural practitioners, institutions and private operators involved in creative industries. A total of 131 eligible and highly competitive proposals (104 under Lot 1-bigger grants) and (27 under Lot 2-smaller grants) were received. Culture Fund and EU Zimbabwe awarded an initial 9 grants worth a total of USD117, 416 out of an available USD300, 000. Another call for proposals will be announced at the end of the year. Grantees will soon commence implementation of their creative activities - sensitive to on-going COVID-19 measures.

First Call Grant Offers - LOT1

Empowering the Next Generation of Women in Music

The Sisterhood Music Training Project aims to train 63 young females artists in music recording and production, audio engineering, live performance and instruments, music management and DJ-ing, podcast production and audio production; creating a supportive community for women in music, providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further manage their music business and opportunities.

The project expects to strengthen their role in Zimbabwe’s creative sector.

GRANT: USD13,400.00


Upskilling performing artists for enhanced digital and online engagement

The project seeks to support capacity building of theatre artists to better engage with digital and online technologies. It will draw participants from Manicaland, Midlands, Matabeleland and Mashonaland West. This initiative has a special focus on digital skills. Implementation will be carried out through virtual and limited person to person master classes and mentorships.

GRANT: USD 16,540.00

Hanzvadzi Umnawami

The project aims to use murals as dialogue engaging spaces. It targets high traffic areas such as shopping malls and bus terminals within high density suburbs of Zimbabwe cities such as Harare, Bulawayo and Chitungwiza. It seeks to provoke conversations and interactions around pertinent social issues such as those affecting women and youth. Caligraphers will invite live conversations with the public during the mural paintings.

GRANT: USD 13,880.00

Avuxeni Craft Centre

The project aims to strengthen creative engagements with 75 artists within the Great Limpopo Heritage Centre ecosystem in Muhlanguleni, Chiredzi. It will offer skills training opportunities in areas such as product quality, marketing and exhibiting techniques to create viable craft businesses that seek sustainable natural resources exploitation. It further aims to improve the livelihoods of creative sector women and youths.

GRANT: USD 25,360.00

Enhancing creative, innovative and unique designs among Kunzwana artisans in Chilelema Village in Binga District

The project seeks to work with women based in Binga; in particular the Chilelema Village visual creative arts hub and ecosystem of traditional folk art. It will tailor product marketing for their intricate basketry weaving, financial literacy and links to micro-financing institutions, livelihood improvement skills training and co-creation platforms for creatively designed and assembled cultural products. The women will also receive training in World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) rules and compliance procedures.

USD 28,200.00

Simuka Futi/ I Am Funny Too

The project seeks to create opportunities for building a network of up-coming and established comedians from Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru. A workshop and master class are proposed to help strengthen the comedy craft and business skills of selected participants. Mentors will be engaged to coach the participants and help connect them to local and international festivals and events.

GRANT: USD7,705.00

TOTAL LOT 1 GRANTS USD: 105,085.00

First Call Grant Offers - LOT2

Hear Ladies Speak

Girls Aloud is a podcast based project that deals with all things women. Podcast episodes will be 30 minutes long and dwell on one specific arts and culture topic; segmented into the host’s topic of the day, the studio guest and a review of comments by the public collected before the episode airs via social media platforms. The podcast host is Nozibelo Maphosa, a blogger and social media follower.

GRANT: USD3,750.00


Convergence Zimbabwe

#ConvergenceZW project seeks to create a convergence between artists, venues and audiences. By using photography, blog posts and social media, it puts a spotlight of artistic brands and makes them known to a wider audience and preserves their profiles for reference by present and future generations.

GRANT: USD4,620.00

The promotion of culture through traditional dances in Chipinge district

The project partners Holland Mphongo Traditional Dance Group with primary school age children in Chikore, Chipinge. It will offer specialist training in Mphongo dance, drumming, and drums preparation for performance skills.

GRANT: USD 3,961.00



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